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The Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) is a professional body dedicated to the road transport industry. They are a part of the Society of Operations Engineers. (SOE)

IRTEC is the Institute of Road Transport Engineers Certificate, which is a range of qualifications so that candidates can demonstrate their professionalism, knowledge and skill to a nationally recognised standard. The candidates are licenced for 5 years, thereby showing up to date training and skills.

It is also suited to candidates who may not have had recent or any formal technical training or apprenticeship, but have accumulated their skills and knowledge in the workshop over years, and who wish to demonstrate their ability by gaining a recognised qualification. It can enhance career prospects too.

How much does it cost?
We will always give a bespoke quote, but 2024 charges are based on the following:- 1st Candidate £425, 2nd and 3rd candidates on the same day, £295 each. So that's two for £720, and three for £1015. This includes all registration and certification fees, and not subject to VAT. We offer an optional 2 hour training presentation / discussion prior to taking on-line exams, for £55 per group. Travel is at 40 pence per mile from DE76NJ (First 20 miles free) If you are not commutable, ie over 1.5 hours away, we charge a contribution of £80 towards our overnight accommodation expenses.

What are the advantages of IRTEC professional certification?
There are many! To name a few, it gives customers confidence that your technicians are up to date and qualified, and demonstrates a level of committment and professionalism to your customers, it is proven to improve first time MOT pass rates and give a financial return on investment, it boosts staff confidence and rewards them, it is part of continued professional development, and sometimes the Traffic Commissioner approves as well. Read more about irtec -click here.
Do you train candidates to inspect vehicles?
We can, but training is different to assessment. Candidates for assessment should hold at least a relevant level 3 qualification, or have a minimum 3 years experience in the industry prior to assessment. This is an assesment of your ability to carry out a safety inspection to irtec /DVSA standards. Successful candidates will get an irtec license for 5 years to say so. If candidates need some training prior to the assessment, we have been successful with a one or two day bespoke training programmes depending on how much training the candidates require. Ask for details, it's free!
How long does the assessment take?
We usually arrive on site at 8.30am and with three candidates to assess, finish at about 4.30 to 5.00pm. It depends on how quickly your candidates take to inspect a vehicle, they are allowed up tp 1.5hrs . So two would take less time.
How are the candidates assessed?
They take two on-line tests, one on the technical aspects of inspection, and another on legislative aspects and Health & Safety. After those are passed, they carry out an inspection and must meet the standards and criteria. This is followed by a short written paper. Candidtes must pass all aspects.  
How do I pay?
Bank transfer. You need to pay at least 5 working days in advance, and ensure we have all candidate details as we have to register them with the IMI prior to assessment. We will invoice you with the details.
What is a typical day?
Have you any tips?
Lots, but one of the criteria for a pass is that candidates must demonstrate a logical routine when inspecting, and we suggest all candidates are comfortable with this. A good routine means candidates are unlikely to overlook anything, and therefore do a thorough and comprehensive inspection.  
What do I need to provide?
You will need to provide a room suitable for training and to take the on-line exams where they must not be disturbed. (I have done it in canteens and store rooms as well as the boardroom) You will also need to provide a suitable vehicle, pit or lifts & equipment for your candidates. We will bring the presentation and computers for the tests. If you have wi-fi, great, but if not we will need a good mobile phone signal.
What experience and knowledge should candidates have prior to assessment?
The minimum entry requirement is 3 years industrial experience or a Level 3 S/NVQ (or equivalent qualification) plus at least one year's experience in a relevant industrial environment.
Do you give training?
We are very experienced in the sort of areas in which your candidates may need coaching, and aim to cover sufficient subject areas to ensure exam success. We cannot cover a full level 3 syllabus in 2 hours though! Fees will apply for re-assessment. If you are worried, we can offer bespoke training to you prior to the assessment. Ask for details.
What if the candidates do not pass?

A resit of the on-line test can usually be taken within a couple of hours or so, but there must be time for the assessor to fit this in on the day, or arrange for it to be done at at later date. The practical can be taken any time up to 12 months - but take time to practice.
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